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The Positive Caregiving mobile app  offers a library of shared care partner activities focused on gratitude, empathy, forgiveness, love, and awe. Each activity offers questions to stimulate conversation, encourage reminiscence, and help strengthen caregiving relationships.  

To support self-care and personal development, caregivers have access to daily micromoments, meditations, affirmations, and reflections that can help caregivers manage stress, inspire positivity, and foster mindfulness as a routine practice.


A version of Positive Caregiving's mobile app that serves as a companion to the book is available for free. There is a more robust version called Positive Caregiving Plus that will be available for purchase through the Apple and Android app stores in November 2023.



  • Daily reflections focused on gratitude, empathy, forgiveness, love, and awe to help you keep perspective and to remind you of our shared humanity

  • Daily caregiver affirmations to inspire and motivate you

  • Daily micromoments to center you and to focus you on the present

  • A "Breathe with Me" tool to help slow and steady your breath

  • 30 shared activities for you and your care partner to do together, including hundreds of conversation-inspiring questions

  • An online Care Album to store photos, notes, and history of completed activities for future reminiscence

  • 30 Caregiver Personal Practices to support your own well-being



Coming to the Apple and Android App Stores November 2023


$1.99/month or $19.99/year

Includes everything in the free app plus:

  • 150 shared activities for you and your care partner 

  • 150 caregiver personal practices to support well-being

  • New activities and personal practices added monthly 

  • New functionality added quarterly

* Corporate pricing is available. 



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