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About Us

We believe that how we view and approach caring for our older loved ones presents one of the most pivotal possibilities for the future of humanity. 


We imagine a world:


  • Where aging is synonymous with the opportunity to experience cherished things in life

  • Where caring for older loved ones is a role that is anticipated, revered, and regarded as a rite of passage in our adult development

  • Where caregiving is viewed as a critical role for all genders, and this work is valued both individually and collectively as one of the most important aspects of life and the cornerstone of our society that it is


Our mission is to help make caregiving and care receiving a positive experience, a time to savor, and an opportunity for personal growth.


Our vision is a world where caregiving and care receiving are embraced and cherished at every age.

Our Values

Gratitude awakens and empowers us. We inspire people to start and fill each day with gratitude.


We are all human. Everyone ages biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually as individuals. We celebrate and meet people where they are.


Forgiveness is a choice. We encourage people to forgive others and to practice self-forgiveness.


Love connects us. It transcends age, gender, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic situation. We help people to feel more love, to focus more on love, and to give more love.


We believe awe can change the world. We aspire to help people seek, find, and experience more awe in their lives.


Meet the Team

Kanter photo

Sarah Teten Kanter, Ph.D.

  • LinkedIn

Sarah Teten Kanter is on a mission to help people embrace the gift of growing older. She is the founder and CEO of Positive Caregiving and author of the seminal book that launched the organization. She holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in gerontology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Prior to pursuing her passion in gerontology, she was the chief marketing officer and chief customer officer at Kenexa, now an IBM company.

Dougherty photo

Elizabeth Dougherty, M.S.J.

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Elizabeth Dougherty is the chief content officer of Positive Caregiving and is in charge of content across all Positive Caregiving's digital platforms. As a book editor, she has created books for Parenting and Working Mother magazines, Gymboree Play & Music, Hallmark, and Pottery Barn. Elizabeth previously served as an executive producer at a Disney-owned consumer website and holds a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Hart photo

Deb Lee Hart

  • LinkedIn

Deb Lee Hart is the creative director for Positive Caregiving, championing the brand across all outlets. In addition to her role at Positive Caregiving, she serves as a senior graphic designer for Filament Essential Services and is the owner of DesignLove. She previously served as an art director for IBM. She received her graphic design training from the Art Institutes of America. 

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Lincoln I Nebraska 

Palo Alto I California

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