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The Art Kit features five activites for you and your care partner to do together each focused around one of the Positive Caregiving emotions. What the kit includes: 


Shared Activity Instruction Book with detailed instructions for: 

1. Gratitude Project: Gratitude Lists Project

  • 2 card stock gratitude list black and white art boards
  • 20 fine tip markers 

2. Empathy Project: Wise Art Bookmarks

  • Four card stock wise art bookmarks (2 blank)

3. Forgiveness Project: Paint Your Emotions 

  • 70 page 5x7 water color pad
  • 36 color watercolor cake set 
  • 2 water color brushes

4. Love Project: Love Collages

  • Collage kit magazine
  • Scissors
  • 2 glues sticks
  • 2 card stock boards

5. Awe Project: Sun Catchers

  • 2 build your own sun catcher kits

The Art Kit

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