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The healing nature of micro-moments

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Got a quick second or two? Give yourself a little love.

A prevalent issue (or ongoing theme) in discussions about caregiving is the notion that caregivers devote so much time to their loved ones, they lack the opportunity to care for themselves. While I acknowledge that caregiving can be demanding, I want to highlight the importance of micro-moments. Ranging from five seconds to five minutes, numerous methods can help you utilize these brief instances for mindfulness, relaxation, and refocusing, ultimately enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In the book Positive Caregiving, an entire chapter offers various micro-moment suggestions for caregivers, aiming to cater to their unique schedules and preferences. Here are five of my favorite micro-moments that I regularly practice to stay grounded and gain perspective:

  1. Cranking up the music Music's impact on the brain is remarkable, potentially reducing stress, alleviating pain, and mitigating depressive symptoms. It can also enhance cognitive and motor skills while promoting the creation of new neurons—essential for memory formation and retrieval.

  2. Reflecting on my merak Merak (pronounced mehr-ahk) is a Serbian term that encapsulates the blissful, transcendent feeling derived from relishing small daily pleasures, cumulatively contributing to a profound sense of joy and satisfaction.

  3. Observing and listening to birds Birds learn to sing from their parents, similar to how we learned to speak. Encountering birds in our daily lives can help reduce stress and anxiety. Stay present by patiently searching for a bird in the sky, on the ground, or in a tree. If outdoors, listen to their melodies.

  4. Noticing the daytime moon The moon is often visible during the day. Take a moment to locate it. If the sky is overcast, remember that above the clouds, the sun and moon continue to maintain Earth's position, as they have for billions of years.

And my all-time favorite micro-moment, one I actively pursue daily:

  1. Seeking komorebi Komorebi (koh-mo-reh-bee) is a Japanese term describing sunlight filtering through trees. Try to find a moment of komorebi and allow the light to embrace you. Since childhood, I've been captivated by this sight, feeling energized and awestruck. Learning the term "komorebi" in my late 40s enhanced my awareness and appreciation for this phenomenon, prompting me to savor the moment more. Now, I actively seek out komorebi each day, significantly transforming my life and perspective.

Do you have any mini-micro moments that work for you? We'd love to hear about them.

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